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The primary aim of the club is to give the students the confidence and the practical ability to defend themselves (or someone else) against an attacker(s) I believe that the best method of self-defence is to avoid a physical confrontation in the first place; unfortunately I know that this is not always a course of action open to us. We have all read in the news about muggings and "road rage" attacks; while these types of occurences are rare, they do happen and we need to be realistic and wake up to the facts that such people are out there on our streets. By developing an awareness of our surroundings we can be much more adept at avoiding being in the wrong place at the wrong time. At some time in our lives some of us will have to stand up for ourselves against an aggressor. By learning self-defence techniques you will dramatically improve your chances of ending up the victor - not the victim!


Venue: Colney Heath Village Hall, High Street, Colney Heath, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL4 0NS