6th Kyu: Red Belt


General questions on mat etiquette, behavior in the Dojo.
Questions may be put at any stage during the grading.

Japanese Terminology

Ju-Jitsu-Compliant Art Obi-Belt
Tatami-Training mat Gi-Uniform/Suit
Sensei-Instructor Rei-Bow

Basic Breakfalling

Front rolling breakfall - left & right - back up into fighting stance
Side breakfall left & right back up into fighting stance
Front & rear breakfall
Every time showing awareness of your surroundings

Release Techniques

Release from a double collar grab, followed by set counter attack

Foot/Leg Techniques

Roundhouse kick using instep; target just above the ankle for a sweep
Roundhouse kick using shin; target thigh
Roundhouse kick using ball of foot; target solar plexus

Blocking Techniques

Hand/Arm Techniques

Upward rising block Hook punch
'X' block Jab punch
'S' block Cross punch
Cross block Snapping punch
Outside forearm block Upward, Downward and roundhouse elbow strike
Inside/outside leg jam Radius strike
  Back fist strike

Throwing Techniques

A Hip throw, defending against two punches to the head, set finish.