5th Kyu: Yellow Belt


Questions from red belt upward will be directed at determining the student's knowledge of techniques and the reasoning behind them.
Questions may be put at any stage during the grading.

Japanese Terminology

Tzuki-punch Budo-Martial way
Tanto-Knife Dan-black belt level/degree
Tonfa-wooden baton Soke-founder/successor
Bo-wooden staff Randori-mat play
Katana-Metal long sword  

Basic Breakfalling

Front rolling breakfall - left & right - back up into fighting stance
Side breakfall left & right back up into fighting stance
Front & rear breakfall
Every time showing awareness of your surroundings

Escapes from ground strangles (5)

·  From between legs
·  From astride the body
·  Pinning the shoulders
·  From behind the head
·  Alongside the body

Foot/Leg Techniques

Hand/Arm Techniques

Middle section sidekick. Upward block
Shin kick Outer forearm blocks
Middle section roundhouse kick Lower blocks
Front snap kick (middle) Inner forearm blocks
Side rising kick to groin Cross block
Thrusting kick (middle) Snapping back fist strike
Axe kick Hammer fist strike
  Groin whip

Throwing Techniques

Hip throw and fig.4 wristlock on the ground
Half Shoulder throw with set finish
Reclining leg throw


All striking techniques to be performed using impact equipment. Where appropriate all breakfalls should include kicks and rollouts
Students should be developing a basic knowledge of human anatomy in order to locate specific target areas