4th Kyu: Orange Belt


Questions from red belt upward will be directed at determining the student's knowledge of techniques and the reasoning behind them.
Questions may be put at any stage during the grading.

Throwing Techniques

A body drop throw and strangle finish with strikes from a two-punch attack
A dropping full shoulder throw with from rear choke
Leg throw and spine/leg lock finish
A stamp throw with a figure 4 wrist lock finish
An inside hock throw finishing with a double leg pin
A rice bale throw - with 2 variations of finish: ­ · Spine lock finish (alongside the body)
  · Neck lock/ choke (astride the body)

Defences against stamping to the head

· Front takedown
· Rear takedown

Foot/Leg Techniques

Hand/Arm Techniques

Roundhouse kick (high) Uppercut punch
Side kick (high) Travelling back fist
Back kick front/rear (middle) Ridge hand
Front snap kick (middle) Reverse ridge hand
Side kick combo (middle / high) Top fist strike
Crescent kick (middle) Knife hand strike
Vertical kick  


All techniques must be performed at correct targets

Breaker board destruction

Any hand technique against 1 board
Any leg technique against 1 board


213 bones in the human body
Average brain weighs 1/50 of the overall body weight (approx. 3-kg)
28 bones in the head
33 bones in the spine
8 pints of blood in the average human body
Scapula- shoulder blade
Clavicle- collar bone
And any other commonly known bone names in legs and arms etc.