3rd Kyu : Green Belt

Throwing Techniques

A crab claw scissors throw
An outside hock throw
A head throw
A front double leg throw
Stomach throws · Defending against two punches
  · Defending against a pushing/ rushing

Variations on shoulder throw (3)

   · Half shoulder, with vertical arm lock and wrist lock combined
   · Single arm full shoulder with stepping crossover lock (arms free)
   · Collar throw and Gi strangle

   � A knee level leg sweep, finishing with a single arm, arm & shoulder lock

Defences against kicks to the groin (2)

� using a rear leg sweep
� using an inside hock throw

Escapes from a full nelson

� Inside fig 4 arm bar & dropping throw

Locks and take downs

� Swan neck wrist lock and takedown
� A cupping wrist lock and takedown

Foot & leg techniques:

Where applicable kicking techniques learnt must now be able to attack a high level target when needed.

Foot & leg techniques

Donkey kicks to kidneys / Spine
Hooking kick
Reverse roundhouse kick

Breaker board destruction

Elbow strike to 2 boards
Back kick to 1 board


Frontal bone - forehead
Nasal bone - nose
Sphenoid bone - above eye
Zygomatic bone- cheek bone
Maxilla - upper jaw bone
Mandible - lower jaw bone
Temporal bone - side of the head
Parietal bone - top of the skull
Occipital bone - Base of the skull