2nd Kyu : Blue Belt


Variations on shoulder throws (3)

� A dislocation throw
  � A double arm full shoulder
  � A head and arm throw
A rotating head throw
A spring hip throw with a fig 4 wrist lock and pinning sleeper hold
A front scoop throw

A valley drop throw

� against a punching attack
  � defending against a rear strangle
Loin or hip wheel
A transitional hip throw
A thrusting knee wheel with arm entrapment, Gi choke and arm lock finish

Strangles & Locks

  • A Japanese strangle
  • A scissors and naked choke hold
  • A double-crossed arm bar- defending against two punches
  • A tram line sleeper hold
  • A bar choke
  • A sliding collar strangle hold. From grappling position on the ground
  • A combined straight arm bar and choke hold

Escapes from grabs

Escapes from a half nelson (2)
Escapes from grabs, over and under the arms. From the front and rear
Defences against bear hugs - over the arms from each side of the body (2)

Counters to arm bar and collar hold (2)

 Head throw
  Shoulder - arm lock and an outside hock throw

Defences against a kick to the body (3)

� Inside hock throw against a roundhouse kick
  Outside hock throw against a side kick
  Standing spinning reap against a front kick

Foot & leg techniques

Reverse Roundhouse kick
Twisting kick
Jumping: - back kick, Sidekick, Roundhouse kick
Flying Side kick

Breaker board destruction

Knee strike (2)
Cross punch (1)

1 step Randori hand and feet (same attack both sides)