1st Kyu: Brown Belt


A head, hip and knee throw
An outside winding throw
A dropping half - shoulder throw
A rotating wrist throw and pin
An outer wheel throw
A standing shoulder wheel
A dropping shoulder wheel throw
A single arm fig 4 lock. Throw and finish
A wrist throw and lock. Followed by manipulation on the ground, then compliance hold to standing and come along technique
A reverse hip throw with sleeper hold finish


A minor inside leg sweep
A major inside leg sweep
A loin sweep
A transitional leg sweep

Chokes and strangles

A vertical arm sleeper hold
A neck reinforced naked strangle and arm bar
A palm and forearm strangle (2) from both the front and rear
A sliding collar strangle and hip throw/ wheel combined


Defences against ground strangles (4)

� (2) Two between the legs
  � (2) Two astride the body


Defence against a sidekick to the head - with a reverse outside hock throw
Defence against a front kick to the head - with a crescent throw
Defence against a roundhouse kick to the head - using a rear scoop


Escapes from head chancery (3)

� One from the front
  � One from either side of the body
Escapes when held by both wrists from behind (2)


Jumping reverse roundhouse kick
Jumping axe kick
Jumping back kick

1 step Randori

Hand and feet (any attack)


Empty hand defences against unknown attacks from an unarmed opponent
Empty hand defences against unknown attacks from a knife-welding opponent

Breaker board destruction

2 boards choice of kick and leg
2 boards choice of hand strike


The brown belt candidate are required to know all major bone groups and pressure points of the human body

First aid skills

The brown belt candidate should be able to recognise and competently deal with the following: -

Cuts (including presence of a foreign body)
Collar bone fractures
Jaw fracture
Penetrating chest and back wounds (including when a foreign body is present)
Controlling blood loss - through direct and in direct pressure
The students must have a though knowledge and understanding of the methods of mouth to mouth ventilation and of external chest compression.
In order to resuscitate an injured person - both adult and child.